AGM Voting

This page contains the Trustee polls for the 2021 AGM, which will be held at 1930 on Thursday 27 May via online meeting.

Voting opens at 0900 on Wednesday 19 May and closes at 1800 on Wednesday 26 May 2021.

  • You may cast one vote per candidate (‘yes’ or ‘no’)
  • You cannot change your vote once cast
  • Results will not be shown until the AGM, when they will be published here as well as announced in the meeting.
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  • Your user ID is your NHxxx call-sign
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Returning Trustees

Simone Ellson is currently our Fundraising Officer, and has been a Trustee since April 2019. She has raised thousands of pounds for the Charity, and represents the Team at various shows and events. Simone is also part of our control team.

The Trustees recommend that Simone is re-appointed.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Return Simone Ellson as a Trustee?


Chris Glasspool is currently our Control & Dispatch Manager, and has been a Trustee since April 2019. Chris has been instrumental in the introduction of ARM, as well as coordinating the team of controllers to ensure we are able to respond effectively to requests for help. Chris was awarded a ‘Rose of Northamptonshire’ for his work during the peak of the county’s Covid-19 support.

The Trustees recommend that Chris is re-appointed.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Return Chris Glasspool as a Trustee?

New Trustees

Sam Nelson is a relatively new member of the team, and is currently our Equipment Officer or Quartermaster. He writes: “thank you for welcoming me into the team just over 15 months ago, in the middle of Covid Lockdown 1. The training I received as an operator means that I have had a chance to speak to many of you over the phone whilst coordinating the lockdown & flooding events in Billing. It’s been great to work with you. 

It’s been really good to get back to volunteering. For me my personal satisfaction is either in seeing my family succeed in something new or in helping others. I can and I want to do more for this great charity. I get bored sitting still and have a lot of energy to give.

I have been nominated to be a trustee and I hope I can  bring to the role my experience as an expert in setting up and running Agile IT projects, incident resolution teams and management of large international teams. I am sure it will be useful”.

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Appoint Sam Nelson as a Trustee?