LR 90Northants 4×4 Response – A very Brief history

The Response Team (RT) was formed in December 2008  when it was noticed by members of Northants4x4.com that Northants was not covered by the 4×4 Response UK network. Going into action for the first time in February 2009, the Northants team has become one of the most active groups with in excess of 80 members and thousands of miles covered on support journeys. The group has attracted positive attention from local press, radio and regional television.

What is Northants 4×4 Response?

With a seemingly increased risk of weather extremes and in circumstances where outlying locations or uneven terrain are involved the emergency and voluntary services often find themselves without the correct resources. The purpose of the team is to provide an all-terrain logistics support back up service to support the local Emergency Services in the times of need, usually adverse weather conditions. The vehicles can be used in non front-line activities to allow the professional services to concentrate on the matter in hand whilst the team’s 4×4 vehicles are providing all terrain logistics support as required.

Northants 4×4 Response is a registered charity that voluntarily provides valuable support in these circumstances in all weathers, day or night, 365 days a year.

Team Resources

The members’ vehicles are a variety of all makes of 4×4 equipped with items that allow them to cover the county’s terrain in all weathers. This equipment includes recovery straps and winches through to deep water wading capabilities, as well as essentials like fire extinguishers, first aid kits, blankets, CB radios, OS maps etc.

There are around 80 members across the county who are available to be called up for support. These are centrally controlled by the duty controller by way of mobile phone and SMS.

Aims of the Response Team

The aim of the RT is to commit to provide a reliable and professional all terrain logistics support service that the Emergency and voluntary services can depend on. It will provide this by mobilising trained drivers in suitably equipped vehicles at the right time to the right places.

For more information, to join or to contact us, you can visit the Northants4x4.com forum or e-mail us.