Crimewatch Live

It’s been a busy winter for the team, and in January we were approached to be featured along with colleagues from 4×4 Response Wales in a new series of Crimewatch Live for BBC1. So on a bitterly cold day, complete with flurries of snow, we assembled at a training site near Corby, by kind permission of the landowner and our colleagues at Red Cross, to demonstrate what we do as a team.

As is the way with filming, a whole day on site is condensed to just a few minutes on screen, but a great opportunity to show what we and our colleagues in other teams do to support the emergency and essential services right across the country.

If you live or work in or near Northamptonshire and would like to get involved then please contact us or, if you live elsewhere in the country, you can find your local team here.

We also have non-driving roles, so if you would prefer not to be braving the elements on the road you can join our Control Team which receives the calls for assistance and assigns them to a Responder, and also keeps a eye on the welfare of everyone on the road to ensure everyone gets home safe and well.